Brief thought…

It seems today that adulthood has become all about preserving your adolescence. We work so hard to get to be 21, and then spend the rest of our lives trying to stay there. I hear people talk about college being the “best time of their lives.” Why? Because they got to be in the adult world, but got to act like children, basically.

I’m sorry, but if your four years (give or take) in college were the absoluteĀ bestĀ  time of your life, then you have a very sad, uneventful life. What about getting married? What about having children? What about the career that you had after college? Those things weren’t as good as final exams and classes? That sounds ridiculous to me. I certainly am enjoying college, but I am also under no illusion that my early 20’s will be the best time I’ll ever have in life. If that were the case, why doesn’t everyone just kill themselves when they turn 30? The next 40-50 years of your life are never going to be as good as those four years spent in classrooms being lectured to.