A thank you note, and some information.

Hello, followers!

First of all, I’m flattered that my blog, which started out simply as an outlet for my writing because I was going through journals faster than I could buy them, has garnered so much support and a following. I did not expect that when I started. I have been blown away the past two days as I watched people respond to my post, “To the girl I saw in the Target bathroom.” I never, never thought that my writing would be important enough for people to share with their friends, so thank you. It’s incredibly encouraging to me and it tells me that I actually can have my dream job as a writer. Actually, it may not be too far off. I wouldn’t be able to have a career as a writer without having readers.

I wanted to let everyone know about a way to follow my blog that may be a little easier for some of you and may make it easier to share posts that you enjoy. I made a Facebook page for my blog a while back. The link is here. You can feel free to simply keep following on WordPress, or you can go like the Facebook page! It would help me out tremendously, since Facebook now requires page owners to “promote” their posts in order for people to see them. That’s just a nice way of saying that we have to pay Facebook in order for our posts to be seen by more people. However, if a Facebook page has enough people sharing and liking the content, then the followers of that page promote the content through those posts and likes instead of the owner paying for it (paying for your posts to be seen sounds like cheating to me anyway). The new policy has made it hard for people without an established base of followers to actually get started and be seen and heard, which is silly because the ones who are just starting out are the ones who probably don’t have money yet to promote their product.

Anyway, go ahead over to the Facebook page if you feel so inclined and let me know that you like it by, you know, liking it.

Thank you so very much for following my blog. It truly is flattering and incredible to me, and amazes me every time I look at the number of followers, shares, and likes!


Alena Rivas is a college student from Tucson, Arizona. She has been married since August, 2013. She and her husband don’t have kids yet, but they hope to once she graduates! Alena writes about life, love, loss, and God. She works to incorporate her own experiences in such a way as to inspire others and encourage people to think about things in new ways. If you like her writing and want to keep up with it better or just want to have access to her awesome witticisms that may not always end up in blog posts, you can find her on Facebook (facebook.com/authoralenarivas), Twitter (@MrsAlenaeous), and Google+ (Alena Rivas).


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