Singleness and stuff…

1 Cor. 7: Singleness according to the Bible = a blessing. According to the world, it’s a curse. However, the world also demonizes marriage, which is also referred to over and over again as a blessing. The world doesn’t think of the opposite of “singleness” as being “marriage.” Rather, the opposite of singleness for the world, is “in a relationship that is potentially going nowhere because the idea of marriage scares me, but I can sleep with this person (use them for sex), so who cares?”

Almost everybody in society is scared of being “forever alone,” but at the same time almost nobody wants to be “forever together.” At least, not with one person, and not with a ring on their finger to actually, you know, show everybody that they’re committed. Because “I don’t need a ring.” So…what you’re saying is, “I’m afraid to commit.” Okay, dude.

Our world is so hypocritical: “Be in as many relationships as you possibly can before you get married, because once you’re married you won’t be able to sleep with or kiss countless people. This clearly shows your dedication to your spouse, because you got all of that out of your system before you married them. Marriage ties you down, and who wants that anyway? Also, you have the option of never marrying but staying with one person, because for some reason the ability to walk out whenever you want on a person that you ‘love’ is appealing even though you’re ‘committed.'” I’m pretty sure that what “ties us down” is slavery to our sinful nature so-called romance. But the world won’t tell you that.

If, as a Christian, you are seeking affirmation, happiness, and fulfillment in a boy or girl, you will never feel affirmed, never be truly happy, and you will never be fulfilled, because you are in bondage to something that is not Jesus Christ. Only He can give you what you’re craving. All relationships are to honor Him, including marriage.

And think about this: If Jesus uses marriage to illustrate His relationship with His church, then marriage itself must be very important to Jesus if He went and died for His church in order to even have said relationship with them. He doesn’t describe the church as either his bride OR “a cohabitating person that never marries me.” No, he describes it as a marriage. And a marriage that is forever, at that.

P.S. Thanks, Matt Moore, for the inspiration.


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