Real issues…

This is a poem I wrote a little while ago. It’s not perfect, and actually isn’t even finished, but I felt the need to share. And really, why not?

You say the issues are homosexuality and abortion,

but the underlying issue is sin and the distortion

of God’s word by the world we live in.

We’re trading regeneration for a decision

made when we’re not even comprehending

the scope and the vision of this mission that we’re on.

People say that living for Christ is to limit your life,

but when did we start taking sinners’ advice?

They say that God’s just a way to get your life to be fulfilling,

then as soon as it’s there you just ditch your King.

Like orthopedic shoes, you

only wear it long enough to fix your issues,

then it gets removed, your heart wasn’t moved, you

are disillusioned with the false ideas they’re feeding us

about decisionism versus regeneration,

about God’s love for us and our love for Him.

You think you’re disillusioned with God,

but He’s not the problem. It’s us, and our thoughts.

Author’s note: Please give credit where credit is due if you plan to use this in any way (including on social networking sites), even brief quotations. This work is (c) Alena Crepea.


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