Being Bored and Making Cool Stuff

I have been snooping around the internet a lot lately (being unemployed and still not into my third semester of college just yet), and I’ve come to this gradual realization (also, annoyance). Lots and lots of young people on art and social networking sites are “bored” any time that they create cool stuff that is noteworthy and worth taking a look at. Is this some sort of inspiration machine? I realize that people do get bored, and that sometimes it results in some sort of creative explosion of awesomeness, but is it really necessary to tell the internet universe that you were “bored again” when you “came up with this?”

Personally, I think that it’s just a sneaky way of saying, “Hey, guys. I’m so cool that my boredom makes me make cool stuff, and it’s no big deal because this all comes so naturally that I could do it in my sleep. In fact, in my sleep is where this talent spontaneously appeared one day, and I didn’t have to work at all to make myself good at this.” You are not bored EVERY time you create a new DeviantARTwork. Especially when those posts come every single day. There is not room in one person’s life for that much boredom (unless your life sucks and you have no friends and no school and no job and nothing to do but sit in your room with makeup and your own face, or paper and a mechanical pencil).

Let me just say something here: it’s okay to be good at stuff. It’s okay to have genuine talent with what you do. It’s okay to have worked hard to get there. You don’t need to make it look like all of your talent and skill appears out of nowhere during your down-time when you have nothing else to do. That’s just arrogant and attention-whoreish. Granted, some people are more talented than others, but many, MANY people spend years perfecting skills to go with that talent. That’s okay. (On another, related, topic, it’s also okay to suck at things ’till you get less suckish: [link]).

So, to all of my bored DA users, stop being bored. Go find something to do with your time and get more excited about the artwork that you obviously love creating since you post so much of it for people to enjoy. It’s okay to have worked hard, it’s okay to not be bored out of your mind all the time. It’s okay to get FREAKINGSUPEREXCITED about things that you love. I love LOTR, and I get excited about it. I love artwork and I get excited when I get a new idea. I love writing and get excited when I come up with something cool to write. ITS OKAY. Just don’t get creepy-excited… But really, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just stop broadcasting to the world that you’re bored and create stuff in your sleep with no real work needed (which, in 99% of cases, is a blatant lie).